Starchaser: Now Live at Jukepop Serials

Starchaser Now at Jukepop Serials

My new space opera web serial, Starchaser has been accepted for serialization at

Hegira is a leviathan ship, home to thousands of sapient alien races. The ship of legend left behind by a nearly extinct race of beings called Starchasers is a powerhouse barreling across galaxies effortlessly. There are many who seek to take control of this rare jewel but to control this ship, one must control her pilot.

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Flashfic Recap: 9/10/2013 – 7/11/2014

Flashfic Recap: 9/10/2013 – 7/11/2014

This is a list of all the pieces of flash fiction that I’ve posted on this blog between September 2013 and yesterday. I didn’t realize there had been this many. I guess it’s good to take a step back and see how far you’ve come every now and then. I figure there are probably a bunch that some of you have missed, so here’s the complete list with links to the each flashfic posted so far—with mini excerpts.

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