Blood Binds #9


– Jubal –

“What’s wrong Charls? You look like you ate something that doesn’t agree with you.”

Nearly an hour’s trek from the misty edge of the forest by the sea, Hel and Charls finally arrived at the village at the foot of the mountain where Charls’ contact resided. The reclusive sorcerer, Jubal was an old friend who didn’t mind sharing information from time to time, for a price. If there was any useful news of the blood grudge to be found, he’d likely caught wind of it already.

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Anansi Story


A while ago, I shared one of my flash fiction pieces titled “Witch and Spider.” I forgot to include a bit of background regarding that particular “earthbound deity” which does add some significance to the origin of the story’s concept.

I had wanted to write science fiction story that blended subgenres. Somehow, what I came up with was a mashup of dystopia, steampunk and ancient mythology. Dystopia being Earth as an all but forgotten, backwater “has been” hub of civilization. Steampunk: gaslights and locomotives. For the mythological aspect, I wanted to include a figure from my own ancestral background.

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Disability in Speculative Fiction by Rose B. Fischer

Speculative fiction is a playground for writers and readers who enjoy “playing” with societal norms, pushing boundaries, and asking “What if…?”

I love that it allows me to break apart and examine social constructs like race and gender, to create societies where cultural norms and mores are vastly different from mine. It helps me stay open minded — helps me remember that my way of thinking and my perceptions may be faulty. Even if they are sound, my approach to a situation may not be the only valid one. Continue reading